Winter Fashion: Faux Fur Edition

Now that the weather is cooling down, we get the opportunity to incorporate more trendy items into our fashion. A recurring theme in most fashion shows is fake/faux fur. This was most prevalent at the 2018 Paris Fashion Week - they showcased a ton of different outfits with fur incorporations.

I’ve always loved faux fur - more and more so the last couple of years. I used to steer clear of it, I just kept thinking that it made my outfits way too over the top and exaggerated. I have a completely different take on it now!


Red Jacket

Leopard Fuzzy Coat

Yellow Coat with Fur Pockets

Furry Scarf


Teddy Jacket

Furry Scrunchie

Pink Fur Sleeves Sweater

Fingerless Gloves


Red Beret

Furry Sweater Dress

Handbag with Furry Handle

Furry Hat

Alright friends, that's all I got for now! STAY WARM!

LK xx