Travel Diary: NYC Year-Round

Similarly to every other person on this planet, I’m obsessed with New York City. I’ve been several times, and got the chance to explore the lively city in different seasons.

NYC has always been on my bucket list. Nothing inspires me more than walking around the city and witnessing the hustle and bustle of everyone around me. If you’re a Gossip Girl and/or Friends fan (or a zillion other shows/movies), you’ll freak out just as much as I did.


★ Central Park

★ Times Square

★ Rockefeller

★ Brooklyn Bridge

★ Broadway

★ New York Public Library

★ Washington Square Park

★ MET Museum (p.s. they now charge an entry fee)

★ Dumbo

★ SoHo

★ Grand Central Station

★ Oculus Station/World Trade Center


Let's be real, getting around NYC and understanding the way their streets and avenues operate is HARD. Good news: it gets better the 3rd (or 13th) time you visit. Essentially, the way I learned my way around was understanding that intersections are broken down - streets vs. avenues.

  • Subway - cheapest option, and you really get to feel like a local

  • Bike - loved doing this in the Summer. Download the Citi bike app to make your life easier!

  • Double decker - if you want to conquer all the touristy spots, definitely get a pass. Buy it online and in advance to save $$$

  • Uber/Lyft - for obvious reasons


Alright guys, I know this is why you’re really here. We all want that perfect shot. See below a ton of spots I’ve taken pictures at, recommendations I’ve gotten from people as well as independent research I’ve done.

✓ Times Square - VERY difficult to get a cute shot here. I recommend going at night. The screens are so bright that it lights up the entire square

✓ Hailing a cab - unleash your inner Serena Van Der Woodsen. You can get this shot literally anywhere in the city

✓ Brooklyn Bridge - best pictures are on the bike lane (you’re going to get yelled at), but there’s a lot less people there, and you can get that picture perfect image

✓ MET Museum - a million and one picture options here! The inside & outside (MET steps) are GORG

✓ Subway station - an iconic NYC picture. I took mine with a bagel and iced coffee in my hand. As NYC as it can get

✓ Central Park - ton of options. I love taking shots near the friends fountain, the bridge, leaf canopy of “the mall”

✓ L’Appartement Sezane - floral DREAMS

✓ Washington Square Park - touristy spot and NYC landmark

✓ Broadway - definitely not an easy shot to capture, typically not the greatest lighting, but an iconic NYC picture for sure

✓ Rockefeller/Top of the Rock - the obvious, beautiful skyline

✓ New York Public Library

✓ Dumbo - specifically Washington St. THE perfect shot of the Manhattan Bridge and a preview of the Empire State Building

✓ Friends Apartment - Greenwich Village, Bedford and Grove St.

✓ Brooklyn Bridge Park

✓ 5th Ave. - ALL. THE. SHOPPING.

✓ Plaza Hotel - Home Alone vibes

✓ The Palace Hotel - relive your Gossip Girl moment

✓ Perry St - Sex and the City shots

There are truly a million picturesque spots in NYC. The above are just a few of many. Grab your camera (and the person you’re forcing to take your pictures) and stroll around the city.



· Summers are hot. REALLY hot. Be prepared

· Hotels near Times Square are ridiculously expensive - opt for a hotel in a cooler neighbourhood (e.g. Chelsea, Greenwich Village, Brooklyn) and subway to Times Square.

· There are tourists EVERYWHERE. Don’t ask anyone for directions, you will 90% get wrong instructions. Find some Wi-Fi and use Google Maps (my life)

· You can take pictures literally everywhere and they'll look SO GOOD and New York-y

· When purchasing tickets to a Broadway show, use this site. Most other sites are scams

· Opt for a backpack to carry your things when exploring NYC. Trust me!

· If you want to purchase souvenirs, check out a few stores before settling on the first one you see. Will make a difference $-wise

· NYC hotel rooms are TINY

· If you want cool Brooklyn Bridge pictures, start from the Brooklyn side - way less crowded

· Wear comfortable shoes because you're always walking somewhere

· Get the full NYC experience and try local bagels & pizza (my fav are Joe’s Pizza & Ess-A-Bagel)

That's all I got! Hope this helps you out!

LK xx