Travel Diary: Exploring Jordan

Another super hot, sandy destination. I really got my fair share of heat this summer! Especially coming from the -40 degree weather we experienced this winter in Toronto. I’ve visited Jordan several times as a child, but never really got the full ‘tourist’ experience. I was super excited to check a bunch of things off of my bucket list.

Diving right into things - similarly to Dubai (and with most Middle Eastern countries), Jordan is a slower paced, more luxurious type of country and lifestyle. Early morning engagements and activities don't really exist, and there isn't much social interaction before 3pm. So, keep that in mind!


You can’t visit Jordan without heading to Petra. It’s about a 4 hour drive from Amman, so make sure you leave super early. I got to Petra via car, but you can find other options here. It cost 50JD ($71 USD/$91 CAD) to enter. It costs locals 1JD. There’s no real shade here, and it’s quite the hike - so make sure you have a hat, sunscreen and lot’s of water on hand. There are local shops inside, but are pretty overpriced so purchase your items ahead of time. Once you make it inside, the world is your oyster. You can either choose to go really deep into Petra, or what I did (and most do) is reach the Treasury/Al Khazneh. This is a great photo op, lots of gorgeous camels and rocky dunes.

Tip: bring your passport.

Another famous spot in Jordan - Wadi Rum. Wadi Rum isn’t too far from Petra, I did both on the same day which was amazing but also incredibly exhausting considering the 8 hour cumulative drive. Here are some transportation options for Wadi Rum. To enter Wadi Rum, it cost me 5 JD, and then another 80-90 JD for a private tour + car. The tour is not necessary, but it allowed for flexibility and to operate on your own timing, take breaks, stop for pictures, guided explanations of each site, etc. This was really enjoyable, the driver takes you to a campsite towards the end of the tour where they provide you with a meal, drinks, sweets, tea and coffee, etc. Similarly to Petra, this is an open area so ensure to stay hydrated.

Tip: bring your passport.

Lowest point on earth? Down. I was super excited to go to the Dead Sea, especially after hearing how salty it was, and the fact that it’s called the “dead” sea because nothing is able to survive in there. Woah 💀. There are a ton of hotels and resorts to stay at, but for the most part, if you’re planning to experience the Dead Sea to its fullest, it doesn’t matter which one you choose to spend the day at. Once I got into the water, it was SUCH a weird feeling. Picture yourself in a tub of warm olive oil… I know it sounds disgusting, but you get used to it and it ends up feeling pretty good. It’s great to cleanse your skin and body, and the salt is a natural exfoliator. There’s also mud that you can mask your face and body in - all natural. This was such a great experience, I highly recommend it - you won’t be able to replicate it anywhere else!

I’m a souk and bazaar fanatic. I don’t know what it is but I’m OBSESSED with them and always gravitate towards them when travelling. I visited the famous Rainbow Street which was a completely different experience during the day and night. A very fun atmosphere with the hustle and bustle from people of all ages, the best street food and the liveliest cafes. Souk Jara is a must-visit. A street market (only open on Fridays) that’s full of colourful clothing, vibrant jewelry and unique home decor pieces. One of my new favourite spots in Jordan.

Tip: bring cash with you.


I got around pretty much everywhere via Taxi. There aren’t many other options available. Just ensure that you don’t get scammed by taxi drivers, pay attention to the meter and ask around for average pricing to your destinations.


  • I Love Petra sign before entrance (in Petra)

  • Treasury area inside Petra

  • Wadi Rum campsite

  • Dead Sea/salt formations/mud masks

  • Souk Jara

  • Rainbow street

  • I Love JO sign in The Boulevard

So that was my short but super enjoyable trip to Jordan! Quite underrated in the media and on the internet but one of my favourite destinations. Can’t wait to visit again!

LK xx