Travel Diary: Cuban Dreams

Most people run away to the Caribbean once the temperature drops. I’m out here (attempting) embracing the freezing, face-numbing weather whilst reminiscing my trip to Cuba last year. Since many people are booking (or will be booking - wassup Boxing Day deals) their warm and sunny vacations, I figured I’d share some tips.

I went to Varadero, Cuba and booked my trip via Red Tag. Cuba is generally one of the more affordable Caribbean destinations and I got a pretty sweet deal. We stayed at the Melia Marina Resort and it was a great experience. My trip was 6 days (more than enough for a Cuba trip) and I combined a few days of relaxing by the beach with some fun activities.

  1. Buy your excursions in advance/on the plane. They’re significantly cheaper than at the resort

  2. Splurge and do the Havana trip, it’s worth it. You get to see a completely different side of Cuba, away from the beaches and open bars

  3. Swim with dolphins - this was one of the coolest experiences of my life. It's pricey but a once in a lifetime thing

  4. All inclusive vs. not - Cuba is one of those places that you want to get an all inclusive pass to. You will have nothing to worry about/spend over and the trip is overall more enjoyable

  5. Food sucks. The rumour is DEFINITELY true. The food really sucks because it’s basically all carbs and pretty tasteless. Make up for it by going for a few jogs after…or not.

  6. Bring the essentials: bug spray, after bite, aloe vera gel, first aid kit

  7. Drink bottled water only - their water isn't filtered in most places

  8. Bring a light rain jacket - random rainfall is a thing here

  9. Wi-Fi is non-existent. If you're staying at a nice hotel (Melia Marina had this) they offer internet 'cards'. You pay per minute. It's pretty cheap but the internet is so slow that you might as well fully disconnect from social media/the internet and get time off

  10. Convert money prior, you'll lose some if you exchange in Cuba (currency is Cuban Peso)


Trip to Havana

Hope this helps!

LK xx