The BEST breakfast for Fall 🍁🍂

Hi friends!

It’s FREEZING in Toronto. Fall who? Kidding. I really hope we get a proper Fall, not the usual 3-days-then-hello-winter sort of thing.

Anyways, with the temperatures severely dropping outside, I like to keep them high temp inside…? As in... in my stomach. This sounded less weird in my head. I make this oatmeal/porridge recipe at least 4 times a week, and I LOVE it. The great thing is that it’s so simple and customizable, you can easily substitute one thing for another. Heads up - I eyeball everything!



  • Milk

  • Cinnamon

  • Banana

  • Oats (rolled or steel cut)

  • Chia seeds

  • Toppings are customizable. I added almond butter, hemp seeds, coconut & blueberries

Approximate portioning I go for, for 2 bowls


  1. Start off with portioning your oats in a pot and cover with hot water

  2. Leave on medium heat for 3ish minutes

  3. Add a handful of chia seeds and stir

  4. Mash banana, add in and stir (this is KEY for creamy and flavourful oatmeal)

  5. Add a little (or a lot) of cinnamon

  6. Keep stirring and lower heat

  7. Add a splash of milk and take off the stove

  8. Add your toppings and DIG IN!

The most photogenic breakfast! & yummy.

Happy eating!

LK x