Latte Without the Price Tag

Hi friends! Is it Friday already? No? Oh, ok. Well, similar to every other millennial on this planet, I enjoy a good cup of coffee VERY much. I’m also high maintenance, don’t give me a Keurig or regular brewed cup. Espresso-based drinks are my thing. I buy a coffee every morning before I get to work, and that’s fine and all, but on the weekends, or when I work from home, I don’t want to justify paying $5+. I set this mission to recreate my fav coffee at home. BTW - the coffee I grab every morning is an Oat Milk Latte from Pilot. Try it, you will not regret it!!

Anyway, back to the home-based coffee. It took me a while to figure this out, mostly because I didn’t know what tools to purchase/which kind of coffee to buy… I also didn’t want to invest in a huge espresso machine ($500+) just yet. Medium roast? Ground coffee? What??

Tools you NEED:

  1. Milk frother - this is the one I have. If you want to save $$ you can buy this

  2. Moka Pot OR French Press

  3. Ground Coffee - i like Illy coffee the most (or Dunkin original blend)

  4. Milk of your choice

I show you two ways - hot & iced, and using two different tools - Moka pot & French Press

*You can use either, but showing both for variety purposes

French Press

  • Insert 2 tablespoons of coffee into french press (usually fits 1 cup)

  • Add hot water (NOT boiling, this is key guys)

  • Stir

  • Push sieve to touch the top of the coffee but don't push down yet (ALSO KEY)

  • Leave to brew for 2-4 mins

  • Push down sieve and pour coffee

  • Add milk to frother and froth it up

  • This would be a good time to add a flavour shot if you enjoy that

  • Pour milk and attempt latte art but fail


Moka Pot

  • Insert hot water into bottom of moka pot

  • Fill funnel with coffee (dependent on the size you buy)

  • Place on stove over medium heat - will take a few minutes

  • In the meantime, fill a glass (or mason jar if you’re fancy, like me) with ice

  • Add milk of your choice

  • This would be a good time to add a flavour shot if you enjoy that

  • Pour coffee and stir


Hope this helps your wallets! Let me know if you try it out.

LK xx