Glossier: Worth the Hype?

By now, pretty much everyone has heard at least once about Glossier. Glossier is a people-powered ecosystem of a brand, designed to elevate confidence without the requirement to use products in excess. I purchased my first Glossier product a year and a half ago, and it’s one of my favourite brands to date. However, as with many beauty brands, there are lists of ‘definitely buy’ and lists of ‘stay away’. These are all my personal opinions, what works for me may not work for you and vice versa - that’s what makes experimenting so fun!


Cloud paints; these are the most popular Glossier products - and for good reason! This is basically a cream blush (a lot of people use it as eyeshadows and lipsticks, but not my thing personally). They come in these paint tubes with a highly pigmented formula that enables a flushed, glowy look. I have all 6 colours (linked below) , but my favs are Dusk and Storm. They also have a deal (click here) where you save $$ if you want to get 2 colours.


Boy brow; a tight second for most popular Glossier product. This item grooms and conditions your brows, and comes in 4 colours. Black, Brown, Blonde and Clear.

Lash slick; a newer product for Glossier. This mascara is meant to give the illusion of eyelash extensions. As someone who LOVES eyelash extensions, I can confidently say that this is the next best thing you’ll get to extensions (the natural) way, without actually getting them.

Generation G; these are great for giving you that ‘popsicle stained’ look. They’re super light, semi-long lasting and matte. My fav colours are Zip, Leo and Jam.

Solution; a chemical exfoliator that you rub onto your face similarly to a toner. I use this product every single day to combat any breakouts - current or future. It’s an awesome product, just make sure you use it once a day so you’re not drying out your skin.

Balm Dotcom; these lip and body salves (i only use them for lips) are great, especially if you live in colder climates. Think Vaseline, but cooler.

Haloscope; a different take on a highlighter. It’s very sheer and has a ring of moisturizer in the middle. If you’re into blinding highlight, this isn’t it. Haloscope is very natural but still noticeable. I have it in Quartz.


Perfecting Skin Tint; I don’t like this product because it’s EXTREMELY sheer to the point that it doesn’t even cut it as a tinted moisturizer.

Stretch Concealer; I have major circles regardless of whether I sleep 3 or 13 hours so a good concealer is major for me. The biggest issue with this one is that it moves around and is super wet so it doesn’t set in at all.

Milky Jelly Cleanser; I was debating whether I should add the cleanser in this category or not. This isn’t a bad product by any means, I own a full-sized bottle, but it just hasn’t done anything special for me, and I don’t tend to reach for it.

Zit Stick; I REALLY wanted this product to work. Think Tide to GO pen but instead of taking away your stains, it takes away any pimples or zits. Love the innovative idea but it doesn’t work, at least for me. If anything, it causes inflammation.

Lidstar; these are cream eyeshadows but are so sheer that it almost looks like you don’t have anything on at all. If you’re into VERY (basically nothing on) natural makeup, then you’ll probably like these.

All in all, I love Glossier. I was skeptical with my first purchase because I heard mixed reviews, but I’m glad I ordered stuff anyway because now I'm hooked! Side note - their marketing is GOALS. Specifically their Instagram page and email newsletters (sign up for them on their website).

Hope this helps!

LK xx