Female Brands I Love feat. GIRL GANG GOODIES

Hey friends!

In continuation with my #IWD blog series, this one’s dedicated to female brands I love, that you NEED TO KNOW ABOUT.

To start things off, I interviewed the sweetest womxn ever - Morgan Lunn, founder of GIRL GANG GOODIES. I came across GGG one day while endlessly scrolling on Instagram (relate much?). I immediately followed because they had the perfect mix of a feed… you get your Friends memes, you self-care reminders, your positive affirmations, and cookies. Wait, cookies?

GIRL GANG GOODIES is IMO a genius business idea. It’s an online cookie delivery service, only makes 1 cookie - yes just ONE. They deliver in Toronto, and typically have the most amazing packaging that’ll have you going… do I deserve this???

Let’s chat with Morgan.

Tell me a bit about GIRL GANG GOODIES. Was this always something you knew you’d do?

We’ve been in business for just over a year now. The way it all started stemmed from being in a job that I was looking for outside fulfillment from. I had just gone through the worst year of my life, and at this point is was New Years, I was reflecting back on a year where I felt like nothing good had happened. The one thing that stood out that I was so incredibly grateful for was my personal girl gang who supported me through the worst time in my life - be it my mom, my aunt or my girlfriends. I realized we all have a girlgang - we all how powerful womxn in our lives who support and empower us through the thick and the thin. In that vain, people always say when you start a business, build it around something you’re passionate about so I wanted to create a brand that celebrates those womxn in our lives.

As for the GOODIES… I’ve always had this cookie recipe and it comes from dads ex-girlfriend from the 70’s. She moved out, my mom moved in, found her recipe, added the secret spice and we’ve been making it ever since.

I went in not expecting much. I truly expected my mom and friends to be my only sales. I launched, and I sold SO. MANY. COOKIES. It went crazy. I sold out hundreds of cookies and quit my job 8 days later. I took it full-time right away. My professional background is in digital brand, e-commerce, fashion and beauty and brand management. So I’m not a baker by trade, just by passion!

Why is it important to you to make womxn/girls feel so good?

For me personally, one of my great joys is giving gifts. What I’ve learned from GGG since starting is that there are so many interpretations of the brand. It’s not just a birthday, or a classic reason to celebrate. It’s an opportunity for moments like “I see you”, “I hear you”, “I appreciate you”, “Thank you for being there for me”. In a time like now, that is so powerful and important to acknowledge those people and build each other up at every opportunity we can. It can scale from something super small all the way to a major life event. I’m a vehicle for a message that’s already out there. I just want to propel that and create more opportunities to celebrate those womxn. Womxn are innately powerful. A powerful womxn to me is one who uplifts other womxn. We all deserve a seat at the table.

Tell me about a powerful womxn you admire the most.

I have two. My mom, she’s the definition of selfless and caring. I admire how she loves and cares for others. She has a very silent power in making other people powerful and that’s something that often goes unnoticed. The second person is my aunt who I’m very close with. She's someone who has always taught me how to respect myself and to put myself in someone else's shoes, see both sides of an issue. She taught me to lead with empathy while staying strong.

I also love Oprah. I love how she asks questions, is a powerful listener, gives back in enormous ways and really believes in herself.

Walk me through your self-care routine.

My basic, daily requirement is that I need 5 minutes everyday where I feel like I’m in choice, where I have autonomy. I schedule meetings with myself, and I take them equally as seriously as meetings with others.

I also love to spin and box. It helps me get rid of anxiety and stress.

I’ve also really gotten into skincare. My fav product is the Mario Badescu Rose Spray. I feel so luxurious when I mist myself!

I also love to meditate. I personally follow the TM meditation and that’s worked out really well for me. I try to meditate twice a day.

Tell us about some female brands/Instagram accounts that we need to know about.

What do you think is one of the biggest issues womxn currently face? How can we work toward fixing it?

Broadly, equal opportunities. I’m aware as I say this, that I am in an extremely fortunate position already as a white woman who’s been afforded many opportunities. I think womxn generally face the challenge of equal opportunities with some womxn having even greater disadvantages because of race/socioeconomic status or gender identity. This spans across equal opportunities in the workplace, fair pay, management opportunities, equal representation in the media and a womxn experiences with this varies in intensity based on how multiple identities intermingle.

Right now, women are stepping up, they have greater platforms to showcase their voice, vocalize their thoughts and views - but there is a lot of work and progress still to be made. People say feminism is trendy, which isn't necessarily a negative thing as it can be an opportunity to amplify a lot of different voices that aren't often heard. What is important is to be an intersectional feminist and to listen. The best thing we can do, is if you hear an opinion, no matter how you personally identify is to “lead with listening”. Have the tough conversations, but listen first. We are better together and need to ensure all womxn reap the benefits of women's rights.

Advice to your younger self?

  • Spend less time caring what others think

  • Don’t compete or compare

  • Meditate sooner

What’s some advice you can share with someone who wants to start a business/side hustle?

Number #1 is that no one is going to believe in you more than yourself - so believe in yourself like your life depends on it because your success will. Number #2 is that you determine what success is, and decide very early what success is for you, hold it close and evolve it.

That wraps up my interview with Morgan! It was an absolute pleasure to chat with her, and her cookies are insane. You can find her on Instagram at @girlganggoodies and order your cookies here.


Moving on to the second portion of this post - other female brands/organizations I love and want to shout-out. I’m in agreement with all the ones Morgan mentioned above, but here’s a few more:

P.s. everything here is female owned/run in honour of #IWD!

Girls Night In: a newsletter/book club curated for womxn who love self-care

Bon Temps: a tea company that makes beverages for womxn

Mejuri: my favourite jewelry brand ever

Glossier: coolest makeup/skincare brand that focuses on minimal beauty (read my Glossier review here!)

The Girls Trip: super cool travel company dedicated to curating luxurious trips for girls without the luxurious price tag!!

Glow Recipe: Korean skincare brand sold at Sephora - awesome masks

HER Summit: a modern day movement dedicated to uplifting womxn, challenging the status quo and getting comfortable with the uncomfortable. Save the date! May 24th.

Create & Cultivate: awesome brand based in LA that curates conferences, pop-ups, etc.

Summer Fridays: skincare brand co-founded by Marianna Hewitt - stunning products

By Kelly Malka: one of my fav IG accounts! Kelly does great illustrations.

Gisou: my favourite lux hair oil founded by Negin Mirsalehi

Makers Women: total badass of a brand, they always have great & very real content on their feed.

The Good Trade: your daily surge of inspo. Morning newsletter sent out weekday mornings with some things you should make, people you should follow, etc.

Noomi: a lifestyle brand with a curation of products that merge the east and the west

There are a ton of brands out there featuring amazing womxn, all change-makers and trailblazers. So much inspo, so much good stuff. Support these brands, and others you see out there. It goes a long way!

LK xx