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Hi! & welcome to my blog. 

My name is Lyan. I live in extremely-cold-but-kinda-hip Toronto. I'm a Communicator by profession and passion. I created this blog because I really enjoy storytelling and writing. I want to create a platform for myself where I can share and talk about things that I love - travel, food, fashion, self-help, self-care, success, etc.

For as long as I can remember, i've always been obsessed with pictures. I would always ask for new camera equipment or upgrades on different occasions, and i was always the one who volunteered to take pictures whether in school, university or the workplace. I also have a strong passion for writing and I do it for work and fun. So you can only imagine why I started this blog, with the two things I love being pictures and writing.

My motto in life is simple - be kind. Super cheesy, i know. But i truly believe that being kind takes you places. My other motto (i have like, 37) is to go big or go home. I am super ambitious, sometimes too ambitious. People who talk to me virtually and then see me for the first time get surprised by how so much drive can fit into a 5'5 person's body. Oh well. 

I enjoy experimenting with different foods.. my list of "don't eat" is very short. 

Travelling fuels my soul. It really keeps me motivated to achieve my life goals. 

I used to have another blog that i barely maintained. Here, i plan to constantly share good content. I need to unleash my creative juices (do people still say that?)

Stay tuned.